Ingeniería de infraestructuras, S.A., known as Infraes, is a consulting and engineering firm which has its headquarters in Barcelona. The company develop its activity within big projects of infrastructures, either  in national and international level.

Since its creation in 1982, the company has worked either for private companies and public administrations,  developing the planning and projects of many important infraestructures, as roads, railways and others. The company could develope all the specialities which belong to this projects, as alignment, hidrology and hydraulics, geology and geotechnics, structures and bridges, environment, etc.

Nowadays, Infraes focus its activity within the transport infraestructures.

The company have a highly qualified professional team which allows it developing all kind of projects related with civil engineering.

Infraes is an independent company. It is not related to any financial or construction company.

Infraes accumulates more than 40 years of experience developing public works. This experience, added to the acquired success in most of the projects, make it a rigorous and solvent company.

The company is registered in the consultors data bank (DACON) of the World Bank and in the Interamerican Development Bank (IDB)